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Salty Air, Beach Hair!

Styling spray & dry shampoo.

Sea salt spray for your hair, get that wind swept tousle to your tresses even when you're stuck inland. Apply to wet or dry hair & scrunch or blow dry to get different effects! Beach Hair was specially developed to replicate the salinity & mineral content of ocean water. This spray is made to mimic the salty ocean waves, but is enhanced with coconut oil, sea buckthorn extract, & natural aromatics to enhance your experience & nourish your hair. Delicious scents that linger all day long! Nourishing extract & oil to condition your hair. Sea salts enhance strand separation, lifts & waves your hair. Get that day at the beach look or try it as a dry shampoo. 4 fl. oz.

Beach Hair


Apply desired amount to wet or dry hair. Brush or style & tousle w/ fingers. To use as a dry shampoo, apply to roots & work in with finger tips.

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