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Arcadian Buffalo Soap Company

Our Products


Natural, plant-based soap made w/ essential oils and other beneficial additives, such as activated charcoal or moonshine. Available in a variety of blends. Net wt. 3-4 oz.


Soap Up

A soap dish made to keep your soap elevated & dry. Made in America. Available in grey.


Lip Balm

A variety of nourishing oils blended with vitamin E to sooth your lips. May contain avocado oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coffee butter, & more. Available in a variety of blends.

.15 fl. oz.


Ink Well Tattoo & Body Salve

A natural antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, & antimicrobial salve formulated to relieve itching & irritation, reduce redness & inflammation. Soothes burns. Decreases discomfort during tattooing, retains vivid ink as it heals faster. Penetrates skin to restructure & regenerate skin cells. Use for burns, cuts, scars, & more. All natural & plant-based, no artificial ingredients.

1 fl. oz. $15.00

4 fl. oz. $25.00

Tattoo After care Kits

Use this kit to take care of your new tattoo. Kits include one 1 fl. oz. Ink Well tattoo & body salve, one 2 oz. bar of antiseptic tattoo soap, and tattoo cleaning & care instructions.


Beach Hair

Wind & waves spray designed to mimic the effect of a day at the beach. Delicious scents that linger all day long. Get that day at the beach look 🌴 or try it as a dry shampoo. Available in 2 scents. 4 fl. oz.



Natural, plant-derived ingredients work to prevent the overgrowth of odor causing bacteria. Scented with natural aromatic botanicals, extracts & essential oils. No beeswax. Does NOT contain aluminum in any form, no baking soda, no propylene glycol. Balanced to the pH of your skin's natural barrier. Variety of scents. Options include plain, activated charcoal, or diatomaceous earth.

1 fl. oz. $6.00

2.5 fl. oz. $9.00


A natural, plant based, chemical-free bug deterrent. This essential oil blend (plus other inert ingredients) is designed to repel &/or kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies & other biting insects. DEET free.

2 fl. oz. $6.00

4 fl. oz. $11.00

Beard Oil

High quality nourishment for your beard & skin. Fight acne, dandruff, split ends, & fly aways. Luxury product featuring oils such as argan, avocado, golden jojoba, hemp seed, apricot kernel, & more.

.5 fl. oz. $7.00

1 fl. oz. $12.00

Beard Balm

High quality nourishment for your beard & skin. Fight acne, dandruff, split ends, & fly aways. Plant-based, luxury balm does not contain beeswax and featuring oils & butters such as cocoa, shea, aloe, kokum, golden jojoba, babbasu, hemp seed & more.

.5 fl. oz. $5.00

2 fl. oz. $16.00

I-14 (Eye Serum)

Named for the 14 key ingredients chosen to reduce inflammation, dark spots, fine lines, & wrinkles. Give your skin a strong boost of vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, omega oils, vitamins A, B, C, & K, many free-radical fighting antioxidants, & other great ingredients to promote the synthesis of collagen & elastin. Use for under-eyes, face, & scars or stretch marks. Scented with essence of orange & coconut. .5 fl. oz.


Aromatherapy Inhalers

Inhaling pure essential oils is a swift & easy way to deliver the benefits of essential oil components to our body & mind. Available in a wide variety of scents.


Foaming Hand Soap

Plant-derived foaming hand soap conditions skin with aloe leaf juice, golden jojoba oil, apricot oil,

& vitamin E. Scented with natural botanicals.

8 fl. oz. $9.50